Governor Information

Chesterton’s local governing body is responsible for the conduct of the school. Governors act as critical friends to the school and support staff in promoting the high standards of educational achievement and personal development that we want for our students.

To contact the Local Governing Body please contact the Clerk to the Governors via 01223 712 150 (ex 142)

Local Governing Body and Governors served in the past 12 months

Up-to-date information is available though the DfE Get Information on Schools website: Current and past Governors

Additional Information

Transparency and interests

Many governors work in a voluntary or paid capacity in organisations that relate to education; and their expertise and networks are often useful to the school for that very reason.

In the interests of transparency, governors declare what education-related interests they have, in the table below.   If any debate comes up that directly affects their business or other interests, they declare that fact at the meeting and, when appropriate and in consultation with the chair, recuse themselves from participating in any decision-making process.

 Pecuniary/Business Interests
Bruno Cotta None
Claire Middleditch None
Roisin Vaughn Works at Cambridge Assessment- English
Elizabeth BradburyNone
Kath HutchinsonAQA Senior Examiner
Alison BigglestoneGovernor at Cottenham Primary School.
David WilliamsNone
Shahida RahmanAdministrator at OCR Examinations Cambridge Assessment.
William Roger MannNone
Simon Peyton-JonesMicrosoft Research, Information Technology. Computer Science Researcher. Chair of National Centre for Computing Education.
John Hipkin None
Roger MannNone
Charlotte Steggall Neaco - Widening Participation- Higher Education Champion
Ruth Jackson None