Introduction to the Chesterton Admissions Process

Firstly, welcome. We hope that the admissions process will be the first step on a successful journey that you and your child/ren start with us at Chesterton.

This section of the website is designed to provide parents with all the information they require to complete the admissions process at Chesterton.

We hope parents who have access to this website will find the information that they require quickly and easily.

We will send out to all prospective parents any forms which they will need to complete and return to us, although you can also find copies of some of the forms further down this page.

In the sections outlined below, you will find all the information contained within our admissions booklets. This page will always contain links to the very latest information.

As an Eco-school we are pleased to provide all the information you require online in this section. You may wish to print certain sections to read at your leisure, or you may request a paper copy of this information by contacting the college on 01223 712150 or via email at

In the two sections below for either Year 6 to Year 7 Transition or In Year School Application, you will find a link to the complete Admissions Information Booklets.

Our Admissions Process for In Year School Application

You can now apply for a place at Chesterton directly to the school for In Year School Applications only.  Please click the link below to view/download the complete Admission Information Booklet for In Year School Application.


(Booklet correct as at March 2014. Information covers academic year, September 2014 – July 2015. Please see Policies section for latest versions of policies.)

1. Read our Admissions Information Booklet for all information about the College.

2. Obtain an In Year School Application form on the following link InYearSchoolApplication295

3. Why not contact Chesterton if you wish to have a look around the school before you make a decision about applying on 01223 712150

4. Contact Chesterton on 01223 712150, or when you have received your offer letter

5. Attend the necessary admission meeting at Chesterton. We will contact you with details about the arrangements for this meeting.

Our Admissions Process for Parents of Children in Year 6 who are transferring to us in September 2015

Please click the link below to view/download the complete Admission Information Booklet:

Primary transition booklet 2015

Prospective Year 7 Admission Information Book (entry in September 2015) (This booklet is correct as at March 2015. Information covers academic year, September 2015 – July 2016. Please see Policies section for latest versions of policies.)

1. Complete the process of Secondary School application as instructed by  Cambridgeshire Local Authority Admissions Team. This link will take you to their website:

2. Receive your allocated place from Cambridgeshire County Council.

3. Please see our Admissions Information Booklet for information about the College

4. Complete and return to us all necessary forms by Friday 22nd May 2015.

Please note that we will be sending out a letter and all necessary forms to parents of those pupils who have been notified recently by the Local Authority of their official allocation of a place at Chesterton for September 2015. The letter and forms will be sent directly to parents at the end of the spring term (prior to the Easter holidays).

Admissions Policy

Following the link below, you will find detailed information regarding our own admissions policy and appeals process.

Admission Policy 2014-15


Please read the sections and information provided and we look forward to receiving your application and working together in the future!

Chesterton Community College, 2015


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Mrs Lucy Scott