Headteacher’s blog week ending 15 November 2019

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) News

New Committee – A Super AGM was held in October and a new committee has been
elected: Nick Beech is Chair, Stuart Aitken is continuing as Treasurer and Karri Aston is
Secretary. A huge thanks to the outgoing committee for all the hard work they’ve put in to
raise funds to support the students.

Next meeting – The next PTA meeting will be Wednesday 4 December at 7pm in the
Library. All parents, carers and teachers are automatically members of the PTA and all are
encouraged to come along meetings. We’ll have a speaker from the school, and everyone
who comes can vote on funding requests and hear about upcoming events.

Christmas Fair donations – Can you donate some chocolate for the PTA Chocolate Tombola
at the Christmas fair? We can use donations of anything from fun-size chocolate through to
boxes of chocolate or tubs of Quality Street. If you have any new or gently used items that
could be re-gifted, we’re looking for donations to the gift stall. Students will be able to
purchase gifts and have them wrapped by the PTA. All Christmas Fair donations should be
handed into Reception marked for the attention of the PTA.

Volunteers – We need some volunteers to do 1 or 2-hour shifts serving tea at parents’
evenings throughout the year. It’s a great chance to meet other parents and have a chat
while raising funds for school. Please email pta@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk if you could

EasyFundraising – We’ve raised over £150 this quarter. If you haven’t yet signed up for
EasyFundraising, please visit their website and spend 2 minutes to sign up to support
Chesterton PTA every time you shop. To earn even more, you can sign up using this “refer a
friend”: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/chestertonpta/?invite=16GA4X&referr

Year 7 Hockey Victory

On Thursday 7 November, the Year 7 hockey team played in the District Tournament at
Bottisham Village College. The students were in a pool and played against local schools,
including Melbourn, Sawston, St Mary’s, Swavesey and Cambourne. The girls were
outstanding and applied everything learnt from their PE lessons and extracurricular training.
This allowed them to win all five pool games. As a result, they successfully made it through
to the semi- final, where they won 1-0 against Bottisham Village College; their
determination to win the game was superb, with some strong tackles from Sian. The team
progressed onto the final, where they faced Bassingbourn Village College. The game was
extremely close and the girls from both schools played with great passion. The final result
was 1-0 Chesterton. This was an incredible achievement as the Year 7 Girls Hockey Team are
now District Champions. Furthermore, despite playing all seven games, the team did not
concede a goal. The sportswomanship and teamwork was outstanding throughout the
whole tournament and the students should be incredibly proud of their achievements.

Team: Gabriella, Sumona, Atoosa, Olivia, Amelie, Honor, Naomi, Carrie, Eleanor, Jayithi and

Year 7 Feedback

On Thursday 14 November we were pleased to welcome Year 7 parents into school to meet
their child and look at some feedback books together. Students in Years 8-11 will be sharing
feedback work with their parents very soon via an app on the iPad; more information to

GCSE Certificate Evening

On Thursday 14 November we welcomed back the class of 2019 to celebrate their fantastic
achievements and to present their GCSE certificates. Special thank you to Bruno
Cotta, Executive Director at Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, for
being our guest speaker.

Year 11 Mock Exams

The Year 11 mock exams are underway. Year 11 are making the most of the opportunity to
test their knowledge, revision and exam skills before the main exam period in the summer.
Well done, Year 11, for keeping up the good work.

Mock Election

On Thursday 12 December, Chesterton will hold a mock general election to give all students
the chance to vote for Cambridge City’s MP. Party political broadcasts and manifestos will
be considered in form time during the week beginning 2 December, giving students a
chance to make their choice before being called to our polling station on Election Day.
Students must register to vote (using the link posted on Edmodo) by Friday 6 December to
be able to have their say. Students with other commitments on Polling Day, such as the
Varsity rugby trip and the St John’s Carol Service, have been given the opportunity to cast
their vote by proxy or via postal vote.

Cavendish News

Cavendish loved the competition this week: Harry Potter Quiz. Lots of our students signed
up to attend the themed breaktime competition. Competitions run every Thursday
breaktime, when it would be great to see some more Cavendish student attending to win us
some more house points.
Cavendish 1 are currently top of our Cavendish leader board with an incredible 401 Above
and Beyond points. This is a huge amount and they are currently beating all Cavendish
records for this time of the year.

Equiano Update

Well done to the 64 students in Equiano who are maintaining a perfect record of 100%
attendance and zero BNS. Although distributed across all forms, it should be noted that
there are 10 such stars in Equiano.7, and 11 in Equiano 8. Well done to all; their outstanding
behaviour and attitude towards school and learning will see them rewarded when they
complete GCSE exams. This Thursday saw past Equiano students return to collect GCSE
certificates and prizes. It was great to see familiar faces, and we were grateful for their
contribution to the house over five years, as well as helping Equiano convincingly win the
house competition in 2019. Finally, please remember that there is a network of support
provided to students in Equiano. Form tutors can be contacted if you have any issue, as can
the heads of houses as well as subject teachers. We all want your child’s experience at
Chesterton to be as positive as possible.

Fawcett House

It was fantastic to welcome back the first ever Fawcett Year 11 cohort at GCSE results
certificate evening this week. It was a great way to celebrate their success and we wish
them all the very best with their future endeavours. Students in Fawcett House have
continued their fantastic hard work with many students achieving the level 1 and level 2
rewards for ABP accumulation. Attendance also remains high with Fawcett 9 maintaining
the highest attendance for a form group in the school at 98.6%. There are lots of things to
look forward to such as: Chesterton Pledge projects for Year 7, Architectural Festival in
December, rugby varsity trip, Great St Mary’s trip, advent celebration, plus many more.
Exciting times ahead for students at Chesterton.

Hill News

This week sees the continuation of Hill’s impressive reign at the top of the attendance
tables. It will be music to Miss Wilson’s ears to hear that the attendance of Hill 6 is the most
impressive within the house. It has likewise been an impressive week for Above and Beyond
Points in Hill, with an intense three-way heat emerging among our Year 10 cohort with Alex
(H3), Taslima (H7) and Charly (H5) all tied on 18 ABPs. You could be mistaken for thinking
you saw Ellen White or Harry Kane pacing around our Astroturf on Tuesday afternoon, but
rest assured it was in fact just our Year 7 students beginning to find their footballing form. A
good time to remind parents and students that we offer a variety of extracurricular clubs, a
comprehensive list of which can be found on the ‘Life at Chesterton’ tab on the school

Robinson News

This week in PSHE, Robinson students have been discussing British Values, focusing on
democracy (should the voting age be 16?), identity (what makes us who we are?), mutual
respect and tolerance. It is a brilliant opportunity for students to voice their opinions on
important topics, especially given our current political climate, as well as celebrating
diversity in our school. Miss Martinelli would like to take this opportunity to ask all Robinson
students to register to vote here: https://forms.gle/bunHgZDn871DSkvb8. It is more
important than ever that students find their political voice and are informed on the issues
that will affect their future.

Students of Robinson 1 attended last week’s breaktime competition and brought home 100
house points. Thank you very much to Fabian, Nicholas and Isaac for their contributions.
This week is the Harry Potter Quiz so fingers crossed for even more points for Robinson.
Robinson would like to say huge congratulations to Amelie (Rob 1), Gabriella (Rob 2), Sian
(Rob 8) and Carrie (Rob 7) for participating in and winning the Year 7 Hockey tournament.
Miss Martinelli can’t wait to see all the sporting talent Robinson has to offer in this year’s
Sports Day. Can Robinson make it a win for the fourth year in a row?

Students Working at Mayfield Primary

Year 11 Health and Social Care students have been visiting Mayfield Primary School and
successfully running activities with the children in Reception class as part of their

Work Shadowing

Last Wednesday Year 8 took part in Work Shadowing Day. Students visited parents, carers
or friends at their workplace for the day. A great variety of workplaces in Cambridge were
visited and some students were lucky enough to commute to London, Peterborough and
Norwich for the day. Students completed booklets to find out more about the place of work.
Students will need to hold on to these booklets for a later date.
Students who were unable to participate in work shadowing took part in a careers and
enterprise education activity. Students had to design, market and create an app. They each
presented their app ideas to the class and the top six groups presented their idea in the
auditorium in front of a judging panel and other Year 8 students. The winning design was
Vela Veloce, an app that had multiple uses but helped to navigate around a city or place that
was unfamiliar and also offered discount vouchers to cafes and restaurants within the local
area. It also had games available to help win vouchers. Second place was Prank App,
designed to set up pranks on people. It was great to see so many unique and individual
ideas created.

PSHE Lessons

Over the next three weeks, students will spend their form time PSHE lessons examining the
values of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, tolerance and respect. Students will have the
chance to explore how these values are demonstrated across school and in British society,
as well as taking part in a mock trial to see law and democracy in action.

House Competitions

It has been a great week for house competitions, with 20 students competing in a large
game of charades with some fantastic acting skills on show. Robinson were on fire and came
top with Hill in second place. So far the competition has been tight but at the minute
Fawcett are in the lead for all competitions with Hill close behind. Equiano and Robinson are
tying for third place with Cavendish not far behind in fourth. Encourage your children to
come along to A1 every Thursday break time to help win their house some house points.

Seven Worlds, One Planet: BBC One Documentary

The Geography Department has been keeping up to date with the amazing new BBC One
documentary narrated by David Attenborough. We have been so excited to see that topics
taught in our lessons across both Key Stage3 and Key Stage 4 are being discussed. Catch up
on iPlayer to learn about plate tectonics, deforestation, ecosystems and biomes, weather
and climate systems, climate change and more. Learning at home has never been so easy.


It is not long now until we start to work with students in Year 9 on choosing courses to study
in Year 10 and 11. The upcoming Year 9 Parents’ Evening is a good opportunity for you to
talk to your child’s teachers about how courses progress into the next few years and where
your child’s strengths and interests lie.

Basketball Season Has Started

It’s been excellent to watch the start of the basketball season unfold over the last few
weeks. There is at least one training session for each year group throughout the week and
already we have seen in excess of 80 students taking part. The Under-16 team played its
first game of the season on Monday, against another local school: starting in exactly the
same way as it finished last season, with a win. The final score was 44-15, with Ali finishing
as the top scorer.

Animation Club

This week we welcome back Anglia Ruskin University Animator Jenna Borley. She has been
working with our after-school animation club to make puppet armatures which will be
turned into inventive characters. The club have been modelling clay heads for their
characters. Jenna cycled back to Chesterton with 16+ clay heads in her backpack fresh from
the oven, to then be painted and assembled onto the students’ characters. Once the
puppets have been assembled and decorated the students will be creating some fun stopmotion animations with their puppets. Watch this space.


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