Homework is now set using the Edmodo system at http://chestertoncc.edmodo.com

Students have all been given logins in ICT lessons – parents can login to view their child’s homework by using the parent code available to each student in the system.

Edmodo will enhance the learning experience and help students develop important online skills. On Edmodo, students will be able to:

You may also sign up for a parent account on Edmodo, which connects to your child’s account. This is a great way to keep informed of due dates, assignments, grades, school events, and any direct communication between your child and their teachers. You will need a parent code to create your account, which can be found in your child’s account (on the left hand side underneath their list of groups). Parent accounts are not required, but we recommend signing up for one to stay engaged with your child’s learning experience.

Sign up as a parent help link – https://support.edmodo.com/home#forums/20888720-how-to-sign-up-as-a-parent

Or watch the video Below