Climbing Wall

The PTA of Chesterton Community College was helping the school in 2015/16 to raise £20,000 for the new climbing wall in the Sports Centre. The implementation of the wall will benefit all students as it will help increase their confidence, help with problem solving, build trust between their peers as well as help raise vital funds for future projects for the school.

Below you can find more details of the benefits and what the climbing wall actually is.

UPDATE (Oct 2016): You got us to the top!

We raised £20,000!!!

Dear parents and carers:

We are very excited to let you know that we’ve reached the top and raised our target of £20,000 for the climbing wall! Thank you to all who helped us achieve this. Mr Humphries is currently applying to Sport England for matching funds. The decision could be made by December and the climbing wall could be installed by February 2017!

We are looking forward to enabling all Chesterton students to try climbing the wall and increase their strength, problem solving and team building skills. Hiring the wall out to the wider community will increase funds that will benefit our school too.

Thank you to those donating money, to organisers of fundraising events, and to everyone attending these events. Together, we climbed to the top!

Thank you,
Your PTA