Projects We Fund

The money that the PTA raises is spent on projects that the school cannot fund – they are outside the normal school budget. These projects are of two types: the big projects or the faculty funding applications. The decisions about what the PTA raises money for or funds are made at the PTA meetings where all parents, carers and teachers are welcome, and in consultation with the Chesterton’s senior management team. So, please come to the PTA meetings to have your say!

Giving Money to School Departments

Every term we give up to £3,000 to staff and students in response to requests from staff and Student Voice. For example, money raised by the PTA and a recent non-uniform day is buying the school a much-needed new piano, or helps to fund the school newspaper.

Fairtrade Status

This year we are looking into becoming a Fairtrade School. If you would like to get involved contact Dr Hutchinson on

Past Projects

In the last few years we have: