Some examples of eLearning

Although visitors are always looking for exciting apps to view (which we have some) the core uses here are based on quite simple applications – sharing resources, lesson outcomes and allowing personalisation – all designed to allow more independence of learning.

Please click on some of the links below to view examples of uses in lessons:


“I made this thinglink for my Y7 when teaching ‘my bedroom’. As you can see I only added the furniture names and the youtube link. Their homework was then to take a picture of their own room (or any picture from the internet) and label the furniture AND add some prepositions (on the table, next to the window, etc).” (this is my work)

Some of their homework 


“This is a edpuzzle for a flipped lesson on negative articles in French with some quizzes for homework. “


Collaborative board on eSafety for years 7/8 – asked to add their own ideas on social media tools and potential dangers – collaboratively builds class thoughts:

Mr Dover’s use of Padlet to share learning information with his RE group:


Example of using a very engaging system to allow students to work through some learning content and provide me with a tool to assess their understanding and mastery before moving on.


Using the Educreations systems as an interactive whiteboard whilst recording your own narration.






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