Tablet Learning Scheme Sustainability

Tablet learning scheme

At a recent parents forum we were asked to clarify how the tablet donation scheme worked and what the wider benefits were to the school, as opposed to parents providing their own device.

Two of the underpinning factors decided by the school at its inception were:

  • The scheme must be sustainable
  • The scheme must be inclusive and equitable (that is available to all and with contributions made out of choice)
  • The school simply cannot afford to equip every child with a tablet through its own resources, so we can only facilitate tablet learning if you, our parents, are willing to help fund the scheme. We do not ask this lightly, because we know how constrained everyone’s finances are. The option of making monthly donations throughout the use of the iPad is intended to make this as easy as possible.

In order to make the scheme both sustainable for us financially and also equitable for all we need the active support of a large majority of parents.

Financing the scheme through donations

You can provide your own device for your child, but in order to make the scheme work, we prefer if you donated to our eLearning fund that supports all the students with tablets – including your child.  This has a financial advantage that greatly helps us:

By making a donation to the eLearning fund you enable us to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation – which adds 25% to the value you donation (if you are a tax payer).

This fund can then provide devices for all children who do not have their own and at the end of the scheme it is highly likely that you could then take ownership of one of these devices for a nominal sum of £10-£20. This mechanism enables us to keep the cost to parents as low as possible and also helps us support the cost of devices for those in situations of financial hardship.

Other benefits of donating to the eLearning fund

There are other benefits of getting a tablet through donating the fund:

  • The school will cover loss or damage of the device as well as technical support issues.
  • The school can offer safeguarding facilities around internet access that you may find valuable as a parent.
  • As well as providing many apps to students we also wanted to highlight that the Microsoft license we have in place at Chesterton allows students to not only use Microsoft Office 365 email, Office for iPad and Office online, it also offers full Office desktop applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs for free during their time at Chesterton.

Year 7 and other additional donations

We have recently provided iPads to all year 7 students and, whilst we have not asked parents to donate in year 7, any donations to the scheme from parents of children in Year 7 would be most welcome. Indeed, additional donations from any parents would be well received. Please use the enclosed form if you would like to do so.

Gift Aiding

Successfully reclaiming Gift Aid is an essential part of making this scheme work effectively. In order to do so we need your confirmation that we are able to do so. If you are making an additional donation or if you have made a donation at any time in the last 3 years and may not have given us that confirmation please also use the enclosed form to provide us with that confirmation so that we can do so.


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