Understand how your memory works

Some of us are better at remembering things than others. However, here is a trick that should help… If you learn something new, in general it will already start fading in your mind after a few hours (unless it is particularly exciting). However, if you revise it again in the next four hours, it will take about 24 hours before it starts to fade. Revise it in the 24 hour period and it will last for four days, then one and a half weeks, then one month, and so on. By setting out your revision schedule to make the most of this (learn something, revise it again after a few hours, revise it again in the next couple of days, and so on) you will be using the way your memory works to your advantage!

For more information visit – https://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/Revision/


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