Week Ending 17th May

We were delighted this week to welcome Sue Baldwin, the Regional Schools Commissioner, for a tour of Chesterton which she thoroughly enjoyed.

The PSHE topic for the next two weeks will be on leadership. Students will consider examples of leadership they encounter in their daily lives, the qualities which make a strong leader and how best to emulate these traits to achieve personal and professional success.

Another athletics record broken! Congratulations to Immy again, on breaking another Year 7 college athletics record. The new record for the 1500m is 5.33.1, in addition to the 800m record which was broken earlier in the term (2.39.63).

Try Rowing! Second phase. Twelve lucky Year 8 students are about to take part in the on-the-water phase of our Try Rowing! initiative, in partnership with Rob Roy Rowing Club. This phase includes four sessions on the water, followed by a boat race with students from another local school. From experience, we know that a great percentage of these students will go on to join the club. In addition two students will receive a 12 month rowing scholarship with Rob Roy Rowing Club.

Would you like to get involved in Cambridges first ever official Pride event, taking place on Saturday 8th June on Jesus Green? Handing out leaflets, helping to paint punts for the river parade, signing up to Performance and Open Mic workshops in the Youth Tent, or simply turning up on the day to support a fantastic and long overdue event. Come and see Ms Martinelli in B13 or email dmartinelli@chesterton.cambs.sch.ukfor more information!

Robinson have started the summer term in a really positive way. Students across the house have been consistently rewarded for their hard work, resulting in a total of 4030 above and beyond points so far this year! Last week our house joined together for an assembly to remind us all about why we are called Robinson: we considered the great philanthropic work of David Robinson and discussed how his commitment to education for all (shown by his founding of Robinson College in Cambridge) can inspire us to work hard every day.

Hill House update : last week all students in Hill house had a presentation during assembly about the life of Octavia Hill (Hill House is named after her). Octavia Hill was born in Cambridgeshire and lived her life with the ethos of enriching others lives. She was an advocate for open spaces in inner city areas and was the founder of the National Trust. At the end of the assembly students were invited to design a new logo for Hill House; the winner of this will be invited to the reward trip in July. Hill are topping the table with the highest attendance: Hill 5 and Hill 3 are jointly in the lead with 511 above and beyond points. A mention should go to Anahita with 61 points, Butterfly with 54, closely followed by Theo with 51.

Cavendish have recently learnt (or revisited) about the life of Lucy Cavendish. She was an incredibly woman who fought and supported women’s rights to education. With our new build approaching, we are hoping Cavendish will become even more of a family and we have launched a competition for students to redesign our logo and to think of our competing name. Mrs Butler’s idea for the competing name is ‘Cavendish Cats’! A huge well done to Isaac, Mabel and Amelie who are our top scoring ABP students.

This week some charities are celebrating mental health week. You may be aware that there are 2 national mental health weeks in the UK, Chesterton will be celebrating and supporting the second week later in the year. However, you may have noticed that our very first well-being newsletter has gone out this week. This newsletter is designed for parents and will be sent out on a half termly basis. Keep an eye out for it as it may provide you with useful and interesting information.

A group of about 40 staff will be visiting the Cambridge New Mosque on Tuesday next week. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to have a guided tour of the building and to join some of our Muslim students and their families in celebrating Ramadan and sharing iftar with them. If you worship at the Cambridge Mosque, it would be lovely to see you and your child there. Please do introduce yourself to us.

We are looking forward to the annual GCSE Art and Photography exhibition on Thursday 23rd May, 6-8pm in the Apex. As always it promises to be an outstanding showcase of student work, please do come along to celebrate their considerable effort and success.

This week 27 French students from our partner school in Uzs, France, will be experiencing life in Chesterton. Year 8 students are opening up their homes to give them a taste of Cambridge hospitality. They will forge friendships and discover local life with this culturally and educationally enriching experience. Our students will be looking forward to meeting again during our trip to France in June.

Very early on Wednesday morning forty students in Y7 to 9 will be flying out to Naples for the 2019 Latin trip. We will be visiting the ancient sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum before driving to Rome where we will visit the colosseum and the Roman forum. We are looking forward to seeing some of our learning come to life as we visit Caecilius very own house as well as eating a few ice creams along the way.

In our Year 7 Cultural Project class, Sadeem (Robinson 5) and Sinead (Fawcett 2) helped Mr Brown write a formal letter to our Cambridge MP, Daniel Zeichner – and were successful! They managed to earn both a reply and an invite to the Houses of Parliament. Not bad!

Science Week took place before Easter, there were a wide range of experiments on offer for pupils to try. The sessions built on knowledge gained from normal lessons, whilst giving a chance to try something a bit out of the ordinary. Some of these experiments have been mentioned in a previous blog (week ending 29th March) however we thought wed take this opportunity to highlight some in more detail.

Mr Gillivers after school dissection session was very popular, giving students hands on experience of dissection techniques on fish, rats and eyeballs. Students do attempt some dissections in classes, but for those that were keen, there was a good selection of items to cut up. Biology teachers supported students, some of whom spent over an hour dissecting a single rat. The small groups were able to really get inside their item. Others chose to look at a fish, and large eyeballs. Teachers were able to point out features such as nerves, spinal cords, lungs, gills and so on. Students also learnt about the correct way to prepare and dissect their chosen item, and how to use sharp implements and personal protective equipment correctly a valuable skill for any budding scientist.

Great care was taken in the forensic sessions, which included examining real bullet cases, taking and looking at finger prints, and finally putting together all the evidence to identify a culprit. This huge session involved all the science laboratories, with all students moving between four activities in rotation, to ensure no-one gave away their suspicions to the other groups! It was also great to see one of our trainee teachers, Ms Barrett, getting hands on with preparationwho would have thought that if you boil down enough tonic water, and add some glycerol, you can make a fluid that glows under UV light!

The hot air balloons also proved popular. Students had to design and make their own hot air balloons, using simple items like disposable cups, string and cocktail sticks. There was something of a competition to see which design would lift the greatest load without it dropping out. Some groups also managed a race, with the use of a fan, supervised by Mr de Souza, to ensure there was no cheating as to who crossed the finish line first! Students were excited by the ideas, and were able to look at concepts such as speed, buoyancy and lift. Using their ipads to record the balloons also helped them to understand how and why the best designs worked and what improvements could be made to other, less successful designs. Perhaps you can work out what gas we used instead of hot air?

During half term Mrs Carter and Mrs Dickerson, from Downham Market Academy, will be embarking on an exciting opportunity as part of the Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning Programme in association with the British Council. The teachers will visit and teach Nepalese students at Samriddhi School in Kathmandu, Nepal as part of a collaborative partnership. Students at Samriddhi School, Chesterton and Downham Market Academy have been learning about sustainable living as one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will be sharing the work produced with each other.

In Geography at Chesterton, Year 7 are exploring how communities can be sustainable. They have created models and annotated posters of an eco-house to show how it can be part of a sustainable community. They have also virtually explored Eddington and evaluated its sustainability as a local sustainable settlement. Some of Year 7 and 8 had the opportunity to start the development of Chestertons very own ecologically biodiverse area working with Willmott Dixon to start the process. Mrs Carter and Mrs Dickerson are excited to share the work produced by our students and see what Samriddhi School Students have created as part of this project. More to follow about the project after half term.

On Sunday 19th May at 5.30pm and 7.30pm, Chesterton Singers are performing at West Road. They are providing the childrens chorus (together with Sawston Village College) for the Pelicantata, with the Cambridge Philharmonic Chorus, a chamber orchestra, and celebrity guest narrator Tony Robinson https://www.cambridgelivetrust.co.uk/tickets/events/cambridge-philharmonic-pelicantata). The students have worked incredibly hard in rehearsal this week and it is sounding brilliant. If you would like to support them, there are still tickets available for the 7.30pm performance at the above link.

All music ensembles are working hard in preparation for our outdoor summer concert at school on Thursday 4th July and various other concerts in a busy summer term, including: performances at St Andrews Church, West Road, Jesus Green Lido, the new Milton Road library and Chesterton Festival. Please do encourage your children to attend a music group – there is lots to get involved with!

The EAL (English as an additional language) Department of Chesterton Community College is delighted to support the exhibition ‘Arriving: Objects & Discoveries’ organised by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) for the ‘Being Human Festival 2019’. Sixteen participants with and without a migration background (eight students from our college and eight selected older people from the community) will be paired up to discuss their experiences and perception about arriving at a new place (e.g. country, town, school, work place). The workshop will take place as part of our schools International Community Club, which for many years now has been working to enhance dialogue, understanding and empathy between students with and without a migration background. Participants will be invited to be audio recorded and to have professional portrait photographs taken at ARU (both subject to participants/ carers consent).

The portraits and recordings will be presented in an exhibition at ARU during the Being Human Festival in November 2019. The exhibition will then tour schools and community centres in the region during 2019/2020 with the aim to enrich connectivity and social integration across different generations and cultures.

A reminder that the website is currently available at http://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/

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Science Week

Science Week took place before Easter, there were a wide range of experiments on offer for pupils to try. Please click the link below to read all about it.

Science Week


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