Week Ending 19th October

Everyone is noticing this week just how much the new building is actually starting to look like a building! The builders are forming the walls and the roof will shortly be going on too; giving us the true sense of what the new building will look like. With half term next week the builders will be excavating areas at the top of our driveway to feed the services through to the new build, but all this will be finished by the time everyone comes back after half-term.

Provisional league tables are out. Once again CCC are in the top 1% of all schools nationally for progress. CCC are also top in the county for both progress and attainment. This is a testament to the hard work of both students and staff and we are incredibly proud of their achievements. You can view the league tables here: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/

All students have attended House assemblies this week based around Road Safety. Many of our students witnessed their Heads of House cycle into assembly demonstrating how to be a safe cyclist.

UKMT is an organisation which works to advance the understanding of maths in young children at school. They run several competitions and other events through the year, many of which your children may participate in at school. The competitions below progress in difficulty:

Junior Maths challenge

Intermediate maths challenge

Kangaroo Maths challenges

Mathematics Olympiads


Here is an example question from one of the papers for you to try at home. Please ask your children about these and see if you can work it out together! We’ll put the answer in next week’s blog!


[SMC 2013 Q1] Which of these gives the largest answer?

  1. a) 2 + 0 + 1 + 3
  2. b) 2 x 0 + 1 + 3
  3. c) 2 + 0 x 1 + 3
  4. d) 2 + 0 + 1 x 3
  5. e) 2 x 0 x 1 x 3

We were very pleased to hear Year 7 students give some fantastic performances last week in our first Teatime Concert of the year. The next Teatime Concert will take place on Tuesday 13th November at 3.45pm in M1 and will be open to all year groups to perform. Students can sign up to take part on the sign-up sheet on the door to M1.
Two festive music dates for your diaries – soloists and a range of music groups will be performing a short concert at 4.30pm on Saturday 1st December, at St Andrew’s Church, Chesterton.
Following this, the musical highlight of this term is the College Carol Service which takes place at 7pm on Thursday 6th December at St John’s College Chapel. Tickets for this very popular event will go on sale on ParentPay after half-term.
Music ensembles are now rehearsing for these events. In particular: guitar and ukulele group, brass and saxophone group, woodwind group, recorder group, violin group, Year 7 Choir and Chesterton Singers. It is not too late for students to join any of these groups after half-term so please do encourage your child to get involved. If you require any further information, please contact Miss Wilson – cwilson@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk.

It’s really important that our students are bringing bicycle lights to school as winter approaches due to the dark mornings and afternoons. The use of cycle lanes was also discussed. We are very lucky to have cycle lanes on Gilbert Road and therefore we need to ensure that our students are using them rather than the pavements.

It was fantastic to see a successful start to the girls’ football season this week. Two teams from Chesterton took part in the Cambridge District under 13 girls’ football tournament. One team was undefeated on the day and the other team won all games except for one! A special mention goes to Zsofia in Year 7, who has already represented the college rugby, hockey and football teams!

Sadie Sharman’s Year 7 class have been producing their own poems. She is very pleased with what they have produced. . The poems were inspired by extracts from Robert Seatter’s poem ‘I come from’. Writing their own poems gave students the opportunity to explore the form of an autobiography through another medium.   Here are some example:

I come from fig trees in the garden,

Daisies hanging on branches,

Broken tiles on the roof,

Dogs licking my arms.

I come from tiring laps of the athletics track,

The mess inside my bedroom,

Ball on the hockey stick,

As if they are tied together.

I come from the welcoming smell of Portugal,

Cold water seeping through my wet suit,

Eating pizza by the harbour,

My traditional family holidays.

I come from rain in the sky,

Waiting for the weekend,

Dogs begging for their dinner,

Like their life depends on it.


By Immy.



I come from the sweet aroma of pleasure and love

On a sunny summer day,

The wailing cry of my father’s music

Drifting down our Kimberly way,

The ghastly thrum of a minor key

Floating down the stairs.


By Harry .


I come from heritage, a culture,

Enjoying delicious skewers of homemade kebab.

Watching football, going mad.

Going out on Eid with my family.

I come from the city, walks through the roads.

Visiting my country, seeing some people for the first time in years.

Going to school with my friends.

I come from the computer on my desk.

I come from a life: it is clear to me,

That’s how it’s meant to be.


By Ahmed



I come from grassy gardens,

Sandy boxes,

Videos and music,

Singing along.

I come from wacky games with my sister,

Baby dolls and toys,

Adventures and trips,

Lost keys and hidden amulets,

And many many more.

Most of all I come from a family,

A family of love, joy and happiness.


By Faith



I come from a world of wilderness,

I come from the sparkle in my mother’s eyes.

Flying through woods, fast as lightening,

Wind through my hair as I bounce high,

Climbing everything from trees to boulders.

I come from precious family time,

I come from love,

Snuggles with my family,

A game of catch,

Camping with my friends,

Animals all shapes and sizes,

I come from so much fun.


By Ben



I come from Cambridge,

And Cambridge is where I have been all my life.
Never moving house, but moving bedroom every year.

I come from ladybirds behind my curtain;

From the oxford English Dictionary;

From languages- learning them and making new ones.


By Oliver



come from the country and the see,

I come from sport- yes that’s me.

I come from watching football with my dad,

I come from my amazing family

That I’ve always had.

I come from walking my dogs in the park,

I come from family traditions in the dark.


By Ryan



I Come From

I come from music from the old piano,

Songs and my mum’s sweet voice.

The old cello case,

That contains my first sound of music.


I come from Canada and maple leaves,

The trampoline in the backyard,

The big climbing tree, our own little world,

And snow in the winter.


I come from bird calls and animal-noises,

Papa’s knowledge of wildlife,

Granny’s excellent cooking,

The old swing in the garden.


I come from Squeak’s tiny snores,

Bubbles’ endless activity,

My first pets.

Always in my heart.

By Matilda



It just remains to say have an enjoyable and restful half-term.



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