Week ending 23rd October

  • Superlatives fail me when trying to describe yesterday evening’s Year 10 and Year 11 performance “Tell Me The Truth About Love”. It was a remarkably accomplished performance and captivating to watch. Considering Suzy Marston, our new Head of Drama, and the students created the piece in such a short space of time this is even more amazing. Talking to parents at the end of the performance they were thrilled with what they had seen and we now wait expectantly for the next time Suzy directs. Congratulations to everyone involved.
  • On the same evening, in our other hall, the Year 7 Halloween Disco was in full swing. There were some incredibly ghoulish costumes in evidence and some very tired and sweaty Year 7s at the end, having danced through the evening.
  • On November 5th our 30 Year 11 Mathematicians, who have already achieved an A* at GCSE Maths, will be competing in the National UK Senior Maths Challenge: normally reserved for Sixth Form students.  The following week Mr Kelly will be taking a team of four of these students to the Centre for Mathematical Studies, at the University of Cambridge, to take part in the Senior Maths Team Challenge; again competing against Sixth Form students. We wish them well.
  • We are just beginning to create a link with the software company Redgate and our Head of Computing, Neil Kelly, met with their representative to explore what relationship we could forge. Redgate were very enthused by our new curriculum, geared towards programming, software development, with lots of programming clubs and a willingness to accommodate their fledgling outreach programme. Their work in school will focus on the following aspects: working with Year 10/11 students on Computing theory; giving brief talks plus Q&A to all years; giving longer talks to larger audiences, where relevant;  helping teachers and students to create hands-on networks/hardware lessons; providing schemas of databases and professional technical documentation for students to read; arranging for groups to visit Redgate to view a working software environment and  arranging for students to “shadow” a Redgate employee. We are really excited about the benefits this link will bring and will keep you updated in future blogs.
  • On Wednesday, 15 Year 10 students walked into the centre of Cambridge for a brief and soggy Photography trip. The students have just started a Landscape and street project where they have been looking closely at local and national landscape photographers. Students visited Jesus Green, Quayside, as well as the colleges and centre. The students used this opportunity to use both digital and film cameras with fantastic results. An afternoon well spent! Please see photographs from Erica Von Hippel, Lottie Parslew and Freya Ahern on our Facebook page.
  • As you will be aware Helen Briggs joined our Music department at the start of the year and she has already had a tremendous impact both in school and in her out-reach work in primary schools. She has had the pleasure of visiting a variety of primary schools to deliver music workshops to students between the ages of 5-11. At the Castle school they have been exploring rhythm and learning to sing a melody of songs. The students are very enthusiastic and keen to learn and participate. At King Hedges and the Grove Primary School they have been focusing on singing. Students have learnt a variety of call and response songs and begun to sing in two parts. Shirley Primary School participated in a more traditional music lesson with the main focus for this term being music and film. Students have been looking at how music can help establish a particular atmosphere, mood and emotion. We are hoping some students from the primary schools will join us at our Carol Service at St John’s College Cambridge, so we look forward to welcoming them there.
  • Following the success of our ‘retro’ days last year, and by popular request from students, this week during Thursday lunchtime the library held another ‘retro’ day. Students were invited to come to the library for a quiet and relaxing time reading books only. All other activities and electronic devices were suspended for this lunchtime and an alternative venue was provided for student silent study. The students who chose the library to read and relax over a good book were treated to juice and biscuits. It was very well attended and there was a lovely atmosphere.
  • Today we have our non-uniform day to raise funds for our house charities. There is a Halloween theme and at break and lunch Spencer Norman and his team in the canteen will be serving Halloween inspired food.
  • The Year 11 mock exam timetable has now been finalised. Copies are being given out to students during tutor time, plus there is a copy on the college web site (Exams Info page).
  • It just remains for me to wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable half-term.





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