Week Ending 29th March 2019

29th March 2019

Dear Parents / Carers

Please see the Headteacher blog below:

The builders have now completed the new paving to the entrance of the school, which looks impressive. All that remains is for them to move their booth back to the Science block to open the area up again.

The new kitchen installation is nearing completion, ready for us to move in by the end of May. The render to the rear of the building is now complete, ready for the builders to finish paving the rear courtyard over the next couple of weeks.

Chesterton Science week has been in full swing this week. Peo, Phoebe, Tilly, Haajin and Zachary did a fantastic job at the Cambridge Science Festival representing Chesterton in the School Zone session held at the Hauser Forum on Saturday. Assisted by Dr Timney and Ms Barrett, they introduced the visiting public to the wonders of the Universe through a variety of activities (model rotating spiral galaxy, building up our own Hubble deep field image with visitors’ galaxy drawings and helping them explore our solar system with the aid of the school’s VR headsets).

Back at school the breakfast club has been having Science-for-breakfast each morning: trying out Science demonstrations including: spinning tops and rattlebacks, which both behave in unexpected ways and the Science behind an ice skater’s skills.

Break time and lunches have seen the canteen get into the Science spirit with a range of themed offerings: salmonella jelly served in a Petri dish being particularly striking. Well done to Spencer and the team!

Year 7s have been enjoying a variety of activities ranging from designing balloon cars, racing helium balloons, making their own bouncy balls and finding out what is in an owl pellet.

Year 8s have been making fire-writing designs, testing gases and building bridges from spaghetti.

The finalists of the Year 9 Egg drop completion on Monday found themselves in Hi-Viz and hard hats on top of the new building, testing their designs to the extreme. Whilst on Wednesday they became forensic scientists examining crime scene evidence including blood spatter patterns, fingerprints, fibres and bullet casings.

Year 10s have been discovering the strange and colourful world of the transition metals including Mercury, Gallium, Aluminium, Iron and Chromium. Metals will never seem quite the same again.

Science club were making compressed air powered rockets and launching them into the sky in the Bateson road playground.

Wednesday saw an afterschool session lead by Mr Gilliver giving students hands on experience of dissection techniques with fish, rats and eyeballs.

Next Monday will see the culmination of the extended week with an afterschool Chemistry demonstration with Mr Spencer and Mr DeSouza featuring the variety of ways things blow up!

For the next two weeks, our PSHE focus will be on drugs and addiction. Students will look into the science of narcotics, how and why addictions might develop, how to identify addictive behaviours in ourselves and others, as well as how to support those in need. We will also look at the role of abstaining from food and other ‘vices’ in world religions and consider what this reveals about our human nature.

Thank you and a huge well done to all the musicians who took part in the West Road Concert last Thursday for some really fantastic performances. The enthusiasm, drive and commitment during the evening and in rehearsals from both Chesterton students and our feeder primary schools was wonderful to see.

Music clubs have continued this week to prepare for our summer concert. The exceptions are steel pans and ceilidh group which will resume after the holidays. Members old and new welcome to all groups – please see the timetable on Daily Notices or in the music block.

The drama department invites you to ‘QUESTIONS’, a montage of extracts from the Diary of Anne Frank, and NT Connections Play ‘Extremism’ by Anders Lustgarten, on the 2ND AND 3RD APRIL, at 7PM. The event lasts 70 minutes approximately. To reserve seats, email rclark@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk, stating the date you wish to attend, and number of seats (there are 50 seats available per night). Donations you may wish to give for your ticket will be gratefully received on the door. The event involves students from Years 8 and 9 who have been attending drama club this term. At the start of the project, the students expressed a wish to perform a play which was challenging: to confront issues affecting the world around them. For this reason, the material selected has an age guidance: 13+ (‘Extremism’ involves strong language and incidents of a shocking nature). Whilst it is depressing to consider that the themes and content being presented hold a mirror up to past and present realities, it is hopeful and heartening that the students involved wish to tackle society’s problems, and create theatre that asks difficult questions. Do we all have a responsibility to answer them? If you believe so, please reserve your place!

Bill, in Year 9, has won the role of Prince Edward in Headlong Theatre Company’s production of Richard III, which is touring to the Arts Theatre, Cambridge from Wednesday 24th – Saturday 27th April. Bill, who has also been selected for another show with National Youth Music Theatre this summer, works extremely hard in the performing arts and will relish such a prestigious opportunity to act as part of this professional, award-winning company. Having been part of the ‘Hamlet/Judith/Hamnet’ ensemble, he is certainly starting to ‘brush up his Shakespeare’!

The 2019 Chesterton Fiction Challenge has come to an end, thank you so much to all who took part; we hope you enjoyed reading from the “Top 100 books”! The winners are Tilda (Yr11), Damilola (Yr9), Ayman and Winston (Yr8) and Sinead (Yr7) who will be going to Heffers this week to choose their prize books: well done!

As a special project this year, we will be shadowing the Carnegie Medal and need volunteers from Year 10 to get involved. Students will read and discuss some (or all) of the eight shortlisted books; post their own reviews of these online; take part in activities as a small group to explore the books and the themes they are built upon; and hopefully fuel or rekindle their love of reading. It is hoped that the students can go onto Year 11 with reading for pleasure as an important part of their life. Interested students should pop into the Library for a chat with Mrs Shield before the Easter holidays.

England 5 – Czech Republic 0. Approximately 50 students from Chesterton made the trip to Wembley last week, to watch the national football team play in its Euro qualifier match against the Czech Republic. It was a fantastic game to watch and of course made better by the fact that five goals were scored by England at the national stadium! There were some very tired people at the weekend, as they arrived back to the college after midnight but it was worth it!

Year 7 table tennis – County champions

The annual county table tennis competition took place this week at the St Neots table tennis centre – a great venue for sport, not least because it has one of the tables used at the 2012 London Olympics!

The team of four year 7 boys competed throughout the day, against other teams which had qualified for the event……… and the boys won every game!

Congratulations to Ben P, Hayram S-R, Sacha A and Lucas G.

On Tuesday, 18 year 10 GCSE Photography students, accompanied by Miss Blake & Mrs Williams, visited the National Portrait Gallery to take part in a ‘Social Portrait’ workshop led by staff from the National Portrait gallery and based on the work of Martin Parr. After an introduction to the day, students were allowed to visit ‘Only Human’, an exhibition of Martin Parr’s work currently on display, this was followed by a workshop held in Trafalgar Square, allowing students to capture images of daily human life and to encourage them to base their shots on ideas they had seen at the exhibition. The afternoon session was led by a professional photographer explaining and then allowing the students to work with various backdrops and lighting techniques. All students returned with a selection of images they took during the day, which will help them build their photography portfolio.

A reminder that the website is currently available at http://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/

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