Week ending 29th November

  • LucyThe Headteacher role has many facets and this week I was official accounting officer for our staff governor elections; it was a very thorough process. Dr Kath Hutchinson was re-elected and will continue the great work she has been doing communicating between staff and governors. We also have our parent governor elections ending soon: there is still time to vote for this very important role. We value the time governors give to the school and their capacity to shape the school, keeping it firmly focused on its community; so please do use your on-line vote.
  • It was Y8 Parents’ evening this week and my first full parents’ evening at Chesterton. There was a great atmosphere during the evening and I had some very positive conversations with parents. It was also great to see parents getting their first sight of the new Feedback books and being able to see the high quality work their children are producing. We had an excellent turnout to the event of 81%, but we still feel we could do better and would urge you to attend these invaluable events.
  • This week we had a presentation from Aspens, our catering contractor, about developments with their catering offer. We are keen to provide students with both choice and nourishing food and so it is important we work closely to ensure this happens. If as a parent you have any feedback about the food we provide please do contact us.
  • On Wednesday I was at the NEC for The Academies Show. This was an opportunity to hear from the government about financing for schools; share innovative approaches with other schools and see about exciting developments in the world of education. It is always important to be aware of what is happening and adapt the best parts for Chesterton. I saw some really interesting software about filming lessons for staff development and it is certainly something we will be considering in the future.
  • We are always looking at creative ways to develop our site, to ensure it is a stimulating environment for students. I spent some time with Morgain Williams this week, looking for an area in school where we could develop a space for some sculpture. We have located an unloved space behind the school shop which we are hoping to develop into a sculpture garden, with the support of a local artist. All very exciting.
  • I have had some great i-pad conversations this week about the creative ways these are being used. At the end of a long parents’ evening I had a great conversation with Richard Auffret about the independent learning project he is working on as part of the Humanities’ team. The project means that students have to plan their learning, prioritising a number of tasks and using their i-pads to support their work. He described a point in the lesson where the students all had their hands up desperate to share what they were doing and what they’d found; not asking for help, but being independent learners. It was really great to hear such enthusiasm and engagement with the teaching process, from a teacher after a full day’s work and a three hour parent evening!

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