Week ending 3rd October

  • This week we held our Y6 Open Evening and it was wonderful to be able to welcome so many prospective parents and students to the college. There was a tremendous atmosphere around the site and it was wonderful to see so many Chesterton students helping take guided tours; interpreting for international families and demonstrating their subject skills.
  • I thought it would be good to give a flavour of some of the activities that were on offer and there will also be photos on our Facebook page. We aimed this year to have activities to suit Year 6 students, younger siblings and parents, so everyone could feel included and enjoy the experience. Photos at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.353449814819952.1073741843.226250857539849&type=1
  • In PE there was a great opportunity for students and parents to have-a-go at trampolining, zumba, wii dance, basketball, rowing and boxercise; highlighting the scope of activities which are offered by the department. There was also an opportunity to see all of these activities performed by Chesterton students.  IPads were available for video analysis, so even parents could improve their sporting technique.
  • There was a varied experience in humanities with opportunities to play Rapidough and Hangman Geography with some KS3 students. Visitors were also able to have a go at creating a building that could withstand the shaking of an earthquake and then test it using the shaking table. Parents and children were able to test their RE knowledge in an artefacts’ quiz and have a go at a Kahoot quiz using an iPad. Our Latin department hosted the historical visitor Caecilius, who was able to explain what happened in Pompeii just before Vesuvius erupted. People could also immerse themselves in history by creating a news report from the past using our GreenScreen technology.
  • The English department showcased Chesterton students doing a range of activities from a learning mat which demonstrated a range of learning strategies and activities we use in English. Year 6 students were able to choose a short fun English activity from a mini learning mat including a spelling bee, storytelling or poetry task. Whilst younger siblings could partake in story reading on the grass in the Apex with some of our older students.
  • In Art there was a chance to try mono-printing and an opportunity to see and talk to some GCSE art students at work. There was also an opportunity to create some African coil pottery. Each Year 6 visitor made a coil, added and blended clay to gradually build up bigger pots during the evening; this was to make one or two big pots rather than individual ones. A truly collaborative effort!
  • In Design Technology there was an opportunity to bake and decorate cakes; a very popular activity! In addition there was new machinery on display with activities for students.
  • All our visitors had the opportunity to play steel pans in our Music Block and also visit the new Music Technology suite. There were also some excellent performances from Year 10 students heard in our practice rooms.
  • The drama studio was very busy with Y8 students performing monologues/duologues that they had written for the evening; KS3 students performing scripted pieces and using music to improvise performances. Students were on hand to answer questions and talk about Drama at Chesterton. Activities for families to access involved a variety of masks, costumes and props with KS3 students on hand to help them with the “dressing up”. Parents and children joined in with Drama warm up games throughout the evening and there was a script for families to try out and be filmed performing. This was then watched back via the projector with some great out-takes!
  • Media put together a video that was displayed in the Apex throughout the evening showing off our future Oscar winning talent and students were seen filming and live editing some footage too.
  • Mathematics showed how to find out the relationship between your height and your hand span; how maths games are used creatively in lessons; how to experiment with luck; the benefits of Ipads in a maths lesson eg using book creator and how maths helps us to think logically.
  • The science department showed us how the colours are put into fireworks? Made our hair stand on end with the Van der Graaf generator; made cans implode and blew up film cannister ‘rockets’. Visitors were able to find out what voltage you can wring out of various fruits and what elephant toothpaste is like. Y6 students were also able to be a ‘CSI’ by trying out chromatography and doing some food tests. Mrs Gibson did a ‘Methane Mamba’ and there were organ dissections but fortunately nobody fainted!
  • Mr Kirkby and his IT team were on hand to demonstrate how Ipads can transform teaching and answer any parent questions.
  • It was a great evening but if you did miss it, the school is always open for tours during the school term so please do contact us.
  • The library is delighted to offer you the opportunity to visit the school with your child after school on Thursdays from 3.15 until 4.15.This is following up on a wish from some parents to be able to visit with their child in order to better support reading at home. Mrs Ellison (Reading Manager) will be on hand to discuss any individual queries regarding reading. In addition we have started our first student book group after school on Tuesdays and the first book is “Mockingbird” by Kathryn Erskine. All students are welcome and we will be meeting every week. It is a great opportunity for students to come with friends, to make new friends, to read and discuss some of those books you have always wanted to read over juice and biscuits. On Wednesdays there is an extra opportunity for those less confident readers to have some additional support sharing and enjoying reading in the library.
  • Parent Forum next week will be on Wednesday October 8th from 5pm – 6pm in the library. Please do join us if you are free.



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