Week ending 9th September


  • It was lovely to welcome everyone back to school this week. Staff had been in school for two days already: working in faculties, developing teaching and learning approaches and resources. As always I am delighted with the positive attitudes with which students have returned: very purposeful and happy. In particular our new Year 7’s who are especially impressive in the way in which they are coping with the demands of secondary school life.
  • As you will have seen over the summer we received our GCSE results, which again were a record for the school. Since results’ day there have been a number of re-marks and our headline figure now stands at 79% 5A*-C including English and Maths; I will update you if we have any further changes. Students and staff worked incredibly hard to achieve some incredible A*-C results: English Language, English Literature and Maths being in the 80’s; Triple Science at 100% and 42% of all grades at A*/A. As we begin the year again we aim for similar success for our current Y11 and Y10 students.
  • Every year we analyse our results and look very carefully at what worked well. Inevitably it is clear that students who complete homework effectively and attend all the P7 and revision sessions are those who perform well. Again we will be working with students to support them with these additional aspects of school life and ask that you as parents can help us with this. In the next few weeks we will be having our “How to Help Your Child” evenings; please do come along as they provide a real insight into happens in school and how we can work together. The first evening is next Thursday September 15th for Y11 parents – we look forward to seeing you there.
  • I have been forwarded the following link which takes you to a blog from a former Chesterton student. Well worth a look and demonstrates where studying science at Chesterton can lead: https://christinajwilliamson.wordpress.com
  • The next Parent Forum will be Wednesday October 12th 5-6pm, in the library. This is an opportunity for parents to raise any queries / reflections they have about what is happening in school; everyone is very welcome to attend. However, if you do have any questions before then please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • We invite speakers of other languages to join us for our free open day and lessons on Friday September 16th from 9.30am. Come and try our classes; find out more about our social programme and how we support local parents. The event takes place in the Cadet Hut. Please contact Sarah Adams for more details: Sadams@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk or www.esolcafe.co.uk.



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