Weekly Blog – week ending Friday 11th September

Open Evening

As this year the college open evening for Year 6 pupils and families cannot take place on site due to social distancing requirements, we are creating a film version of the event instead.  This week we have been joined by a film crew and students and staff have worked together to open Chesterton’s doors virtually to our prospective families.  The film will be launched via our website early next month with more information to follow.


English and Media Extended Project

This year we are launching the English and Media Extended Project. This is an opportunity for students from all year groups to explore an aspect of English and Media beyond the school curriculum. This can include novels, plays, poetry, film, TV, radio, speeches, debate, and more. If you know a student who has a passion for an author, genre, director, or simply wanst to explore the role that Literature and Media have played in shaping the world around us, then this project will be a great chance for them to pursue their passion in more detail. More information will be shared in English lessons and the upcoming launch events – students should speak to their English teacher or to Miss Bates or Miss Sharman if they would like to find out more.



We hope that your child has enjoyed their first full week back at school. We understand that for some, this can be quite an overwhelming time and we just wanted to share the support we can offer to any of our students in school.

We are running our fantastic, personal, wellbeing mentor programme again this year. Parents, students or Heads of House can refer the student for 1:1 support from designated teachers. Teachers have signed up to this programme if they are passionate about mental health and have a particular interest in an area, such as anxiety, workload, self-esteem, anger etc. It really is a fantastic programme and we have seen lots of students benefit from it. If you would like to discuss it further then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Butler.

We have our wellbeing email address if you or your child need any general or quick advice on mental health. We know that we all have different schedules and a phone call can be quite tricky, and we also know that sometimes students find it hard to ask for advice in person, so we set up the email address to ensure anyone can ask for help if they need it. The address is: wellbeing@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk

Look out for more blog entries, our wellbeing newsletter and parentmails home. We know that wellbeing is a very individualised concept so we try to approach it from as many angles as possible. If you would like to talk anything through, raise any concerns or offer any ideas for inclusion then please do get in touch with Mrs Butler.

Year 11 Poetry Group

This year, Miss Bates will be launching a Year 11 poetry group. This will be an informal meeting where Year 11 students have the opportunity to read and discuss a wide range of poetry, exploring authors, events and experiences throughout history and from across the world. This will also be a chance to practise writing poems of our own, and to consider how poetry can be an effective tool for expression and enacting change in modern society. The club will take place during Monday lunchtimes in A14 – the first meeting will be on  Monday 21st September. If you have any questions or what to find out more, please speak to or email Miss Bates (sbates@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk).  

Chesterton Lectures 2020–2021

Chesterton Lectures return every Monday between 15:15 and 16:00. Chesterton Lectures are an ideal opportunity to enrich our students’ academic experience, and inspire them to develop what could become lifelong interests. If you have an area of academic expertise outside the curriculum, a personal interest that you are passionate about sharing or a talent you would love to teach others – then we would love to hear from new and previous volunteers.

If you would like to support Chesterton Lectures in this academic year, please email Miss Bywater, sbywater@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk, by Friday 25th September 2020. In the first term the sessions will be on Zoom, but these are subject to change in line with Government guidelines.

It would be great to see the Chesterton community coming together to share their wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.



On Tuesday 8th September, the students at Chesterton had their first virtual assembly, informing them about the reward system at Chesterton. They were shown how they achieve Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) against the standard expectations at Chesterton. Examples of how Chesterton students are rewarded with Above and Points Beyond Points include:

  • Helping staff regularly
  • Outstanding effort in lessons
  • Excellent work / homework
  • Helping peers
  • Attending clubs
  • Giving up their own time in and outside of the school day
  • Supporting/running a fundraising event
  • Demonstrating excellent leadership
  • Helping within a faculty
  • Representing the school at an internal/external event

Students collect ABPs throughout the academic year, and they unlock a variety of levels. Once students unlock each level, they are rewarded for their superb achievement.


Music Department

We are very much looking forward to resuming music extra-curricular activities from  today Friday 11th September. If you have any questions about these, please do refer to the ParentMail sent out, or contact Miss Wilson or Miss Bourne in the Music Department.  We hope to see lots of students getting involved; there is something for everyone.

Drama Department

The Drama Department is excited to be back in the studio space, after a summer term of Zooming rehearsals. Our new extra-curricular programme is still being formed, but we can confirm the following clubs are up and running:


Mondays 3.15 – 4.15pm: Year 9 Drama Club – Students will be directed in extracts for a showcase of political theatre to be performed and filmed later this term. Anyone from Year 9 is welcome to join – those accomplished and astonishing actors we have seen ‘tread the boards’ before now have a chance to work with a new, professionally experienced director, Miss Cooper. There’ll also be some fun exercises to do in preparation for this exciting work!


Fridays 3.15 – 4.15pm: Year 7 Drama Club – A chance to make friends, build confidence, play games, improvise, develop acting skills, be intense and have fun! Later in the year, production opportunities will be introduced for this new and super-talented cohort! Led by our Head of Drama, Suzy Marston.

Information about a club for Year 8 and rehearsal slots for the Year 10 and Year 11  GCSE-related productions will follow next week, and through lesson communications – listen out!

Meanwhile, good luck to everybody beginning again with performing arts clubs outside of Chesterton – Theatretrain, Stagecoach, Young Actors Company, Pauline Quirke Academy to name but a few; it takes a lot of courage to join a group like this, particularly in Covid-19 times, but the rewards are lifelong and deeply fulfilling. Enjoy!

Finally, if you haven’t already seen the amazing feedback, critical reception and Vimeo recording of Henry V from last July, please take a look at this Sway link. It speaks for itself, and this live lockdown production involving over 50 students will forever be etched in the memory of Chesterton’s Drama Department as a theatrical miracle and a humane effort. Thank you to everyone who was part of its achievement!  https://sway.office.com/EFiDw7w1u4mvNHKO?ref=Link

Equiano House Message

Equiano students have been enjoying a really successful start to the new academic year. They have returned full of the enthusiasm and curiosity they are so well known for. We have been really impressed with the maturity and thoughtfulness they continue to show in regards to the Covid parameters at school. It is a testament to their character that they have begun the year in such a positive frame of mind. Next week sees the launch of school clubs and we hope that participation is high. As beginnings of new years go, Equiano have hit the ground running.


Cavendish House

Welcome back Cavendish!

It has been wonderful to welcome you all back to Chesterton this week. We are starting the academic year under very different circumstances so a huge well done for everyone’s efforts in making the start a positive one.

Year 7 students have settled in well and we have been impressed with their enthusiasm. We are very much looking forward to seeing the Year 7s gain confidence in overcoming new challenges and enjoying all that Chesterton has to offer.


Fawcett House

Welcome back to the mighty Fawcett! It has been a great start to the year so far and the newest members of Fawcett House have transitioned seamlessly into Chesterton life. The new Year 7s have shown motivation and enthusiasm in abundance and are now finding their feet in a school with lots of opportunities. It is great to hear them getting involved already with lots of clubs and making new friends with their new classmates. Behaviour is superb – keep it up!


Robinson House

Welcome back to Robinson House! It is great to see you all after such a long break. We have made a great start to the academic year with our new Year 7 pupils making an impressive impact. Let’s join them in making sure we have the highest number of house points this year.


Just a few reminders:

School starts at 08:50 which means you need to be in your form room by then (at the latest).

Make sure you are putting your bikes in the correct bike shed for your year group.

There is a big push on uniform this year in Robinson House. Make sure you are in the correct school uniform every day: Black trousers or a Charleston skirt (no jeans, leggings or pencil skirts), school polo, school jumper, fully black footwear with no logos.

If you have PE, you should wear your PE kit to school that day. However, tracksuit bottoms must be blue if you choose to wear these.


If you are unsure about any of the above points, or have any other questions, make sure you have a chat with your Robinson form tutors.

Hill House

It has been a real pleasure seeing our students return to populate the school corridors and classrooms once more. In particular we would like to welcome all of our new Year 7 students to Hill House; their endless enthusiasm has seen them settle in instantly and it’s been a delight seeing their confidence grow in such a short period of time. We appreciate that for all students – new and old – it may take some time to adjust to the changes around the school, but as always we have been impressed by the resilience and maturity they have all shown.



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